Youth Initiative (YI) Award was launched in 2004 for the first time on 12 August marking the International Youth Day to strengthen, support, and celebrates the role of young people in leading positive change in their communities. Every year, exceptional young social entrepreneurs are honored with ‘Youth Initiative Award; following a competitive application process. Since its inauguration, YI Award has produced over 30 alumni who worked/are working in different social issues through their innovative ideas.

This year, Youth Initiative Award is named as an Integrity Award, which is a part of its continuous effort to promoting integrity and fight against corruption. Hence the award seeks out the Nepal has most promising youth advocates who have the potential to make a big impact against corruption. Integrity Award recognizes the inspirational efforts of youth an unsung hero who work or have an idea to eradicating corruption and establishing good governance in their spheres of influence. Award also promotes the idea of youth regarding how and why they can influence the society on promoting integrity and strengthening governance on a broader scale for greater social impact.