Backward rally for marking International Anti-Corruption Day

Event Description

Youth Initiative (YI) is all set to go for marking International Anti-Corruption Day on 9th December 2016. The major theme of this backward rally is to satire on ‘How the country is going backward’ due to high corruption rates in Nepal.

Corruption has been the pressing challenges of our generations. From the time of Ranas period to Shah Period and now in republics days, the concentration of corruption has been unchallenged. Naively speaking, corruption is like culture and it has become the religion of every young people who goes to Government jobs after passing Public Service Commission exams. Corruption is growing with no doubt under the veil of politicians, businessman, and top level bureaucrats. These ‘big brothers’ are indirectly promoting the plutocracy and this plutocracy is feeding the lattice of ‘exploiters’ and their nobles. These ‘exploiters ‘are the dark side of our fragile democracy and every Nepal has ‘nightmare’ of corruption when they go to bed after watching TV.


Start Time 

9th December 2016

Finish Time
3 PM 

9th December 2016 

Stating from Shanti Batika, Ratnapark, Kathmandu to Nepal Academy Hall

Event content

- Around 500 youth will join the rally
- Public talks
- Spoken word poetry
- Solidarity Signature Campaign
- Complementary T-Shirt

Who come with us?
rabindra                  abdus-miya-copy                   krisa

      Rabindra Mishra                                     Abdus Miya                                    Krisha Bhattarai
          Main Speaker                             President, Youth Initiative                          Moderator


Application Form

If you want to mark International Anti-Corruption Day, join our Backward rally on 9th December 2016 by simply filling up the form below.

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