To promote democracy, peace and non-violence, YI along with other civil society organizations, partisan youth, professional youth, students, entrepreneurs and journalist collective start campaigns are being undertaken. This year we have started national level campaign after organizing Integrity Conference with an aim to promote integrity. Conference was a gathering of people from different walks of life; politicians, government officials, civil society leaders, entrepreneurs, business person, journalists etc. Above all, people who want to be a part of solution and promote integrity. On the same day we launched Bhrastachari Lai Kira Paros "May the Corrupt Rot"-anti corruption campaign along with future programs for the same cause.

Right to Information is another campaign that is going together with anti-corruption movement. Our strategic location in Morang district has initiated this campaign and has organized "Information is my Right” and ensured every Nepali people equal access to technology and information during two days signature collection campaign at Computer Association Nepal (CAN) Morang, East IT community and leaders. Moreover, we are en route to campaigns for civic issues which aimed at development process in all strategic locations. In addition YI also marks International Days like International Youth Day, Non-Violence Day, Peace Day, Human Rights Day, Volunteers Day and Anti-Corruption Day etc.