Futsal Friendly Match

Event Description

Youth Initiative (YI) is all set to go for marking activism against Gender Based Violence by organizing Friendly futsal match.

This match will be organized in Kathmandu with the objective to get the perception and practical/experience based feelings of participants towards gender and gender-related issues. And after the completion of the match, the participants are expected to come up with changed perception, ideology and positive thinking about existing gender-related issues. As YI is more sensitive towards GESI issues, inclusiveness in the team will be given key priority. The participation from Marginalized communities highly encouraged. After completion of each round of the matches, both girls and boys participants will share their several personal experiences about their team as well as in opponent.

Note: The total number of participants in this match will be 24. Among them, 16 will be female.


Start Time 

25th November 2016

Finish Time
3 PM 

25th November 2016 

Royal Futsal, 

Puspa Nagar Marg, Kathmandu.

Event content

1st round Match (Mixed participation)
In this first match, there will be the random participation of both girls and boys in the friendly match. After this round, the both girls and boys participants will be asked to share their feeling of being in the mixed team, especially girls participants will be asked to share their experience/feeling of playing in the mixed/Heterogeneous team.

(Mixed participation with supportive attitude)
In this round of the match, boy’s participants of the match will play in the much supportive way to girls’ participants. In this round, the boys’ participants will be asked to play in a supportive way, so that the girls’ participants will have more encouragement and have less hesitation to play with boys.

(Girls Vs Girls)
3rd round of the match will be between girls’ participants. Two girls team will play the friendly match. Only girls’ participants will be there on both sides. This round is designed to know the girls level of confidence, team support and their feeling of being in the homogeneous team.

(Boys Vs Girls)
4th round of match will be between girls and boys. Both girls and boys will be expected to play with the several positive realization/leanings towards gender related issues from previous 3 rounds. Especially, girls will be expected to play with the greater realization of self-capability and the higher level of confidence to play with boys’ team.

Application Form

If you are youth and want to mark 16 Days Activism Against Gender Based Violence, join our Futsal Friendlies  on 25th of November, 2016. Only selected individuals will be invited for the program.

A leading youth led NGO is an initiative by and for young people, focuses on working in the field of youth empowerment, strengthening of student and youth politics, promotion of civic engagement, democratization and human rights in Nepal Youth initiative to develop to their fullest potential and bring about positive change in the societies they live.

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