A leading youth led NGO working for the capacity development of youths, Youth Initiative was established on 1999 A.D. YI was formally registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu in April 2001. Affiliated with Social Welfare Council, our focus areas lie on working in the field of youth empowerment, strengthening of student and youth politics, promotion of civic engagement, democratization and human rights in Nepal Youth initiative is an initiative by and for young people to develop to their fullest potential and bring about positive change in the societies they live.

Population of 16-40 age group in Nepal accounts for 40.3 percent of the total population. Amidst all these possibilities and potentials, Nepal has to go through this irony whereby 25 percent of its GDP is based on the remittance sent by the Nepalese working abroad. According to Ministry of Labor "Each Day 1700 youths go to gulf countries to work " as the problems such as growing unemployment, poverty, political instability and the country`s inability to bring considerable progress in productive sector is haunting the youths with uncertainties. We at Youth Initiative acknowledge the youths as the trailblazers of economic, social, political and cultural transformation and change driving force. This class remains as an important asset of the nation because of courage, innovativeness, inquisitiveness and high level of self-confidence, which is also considered to be a main source of nation building .Well acquainted the idea that in the last two and a half decade the youth, their participation, role definition, strengthening of their voices, their representation , their share in demography and contribution in development along with their role in strengthening democratic values and the roles that they have played in major revolution in various periods have been instrumental .However , the political systems have failed to incorporate youths post restoration of democracy in the democracy . It has constantly failed to ensure utilize the enthusiasm the youth have in the development process. The rule books of any democratic definition includes the values of representation and freedom in terms of expression in accordance with the demographic share, but when it comes to demonstration, the rates of practice differ in all the various areas of the political system including the representation and participation of Youth.

YI envisions a situation where young people are involved, valued and listened to, where they feel safe and are safe, and where they can develop holistically develop their potentials.
YI strives to inform young people of global, national and local issues of their concern, empower them as groups of a critical mass, and involve them in governance of political and social institutions at national and sub-national levels. To achieve this mission, YI implements programs and projects aimed at organizing youths, building their capacity and increasing their access to resources.