Under this theme, we conduct trainings ranging from 5 day residential training program to one day workshop to build capacity of Nepalese youth in the area of Human rights, Democratization and Civic Leadership. Civic Leadership School is a 5 days residential program where participant from different walks of life go through series of outdoor and indoor activities that challenges their physical and intellectual comfort zones. By the end of the training, participants make action plan to reinforce their leadership skills.

Training on Political Culture Democracy and Society is a 3 days residential training program which aims to foster and strengthen democratic practices amongst the young people as Nepal is going through this crucial democratic transition. This is an opportunity for Nepalese youth to learn and plan together for promoting democratic values at institutional and individual level. Similarly YI will carry out two-day residential training on Human Rights and Democratization at strategic locations targeting local (district and regional) leaders from various youth and student organizations (partisan and non-partisan), FSU members. Moreover, YI also conduct series of workshops on Human Rights issues at its strategic location sites. The workshop conducted in which include guest lecture, group work, documentary etc and focused on fundamentals of Human rights, procedures of Democratization. The purpose of this workshop is to increase knowledge of youth in civic issues particularly on democratization, human rights and related issues.