Empowered youths in leadership positions in the political system

The core argument of democracy relies on the narrative that democracy promotes development. It rests on some of the key institutional features of democratic systems – namely its accountability mechanisms and checks and balances provisions. The beauty of democracy lies on the level of participation shown by the youth manifested in different sectors such as civic leadership, democracy and human rights. The process of democratization entails not only a transition to formal democracy, but also the consolidation of such a democratic system.

Youth Initiative realized the need to foster young people’s participation in civic and political affairs of the nation. Meaningful participation of youth in civic leadership, democratization, promotion and protection of human rights and upholding peace and non-violence would contribute to realize the dream of a ‘New Nepal’. One of the reasons behind political instability and underdevelopment of Nepal is absence of participation of youths in decision-making process. Civic leadership is vital for any democratic society to involve youths in those processes, to tackle the challenges that the Nepalese society is facing today and to ensure that the human rights of all people are realized by the state. Investment in fostering democratic practices, peace and human rights amongst the young population of Nepal is an urgent need to address the current complexities of transition as well as to establish sustainable peace and inclusive democratic system.