Massive earthquakes of 2015, exposed the lack of disaster preparedness In Nepal. However, the whim of voluntary service among the youths of Nepal to overcome the scar of the April Mayhem has been commendable. Youth in Disaster Risk Reduction has been recognized hugely as one of the role of youth in society to support and engage in implementing Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. Disaster Risk Reduction influence over Sustainable development goals in a cross-cutting way. Sustainable Development itself means reducing Disaster and maintaining development safe for future generations.

Youth Initiative closely works with different agencies, local and national youth organization in the form of training's, consultation, and work camp to ensure the effective participation of youth in Disaster Risk Reduction. Youth Initiative also promotes voices of youth and children in different Disaster Risk Reduction conferences and seminars to ensure that their talent and capacity are widely acknowledged. In addition, Youth Initiatives not only upgrade the existing knowledge among youth regarding Disaster Risk but to make them competent in the practical sense.