Institutionalized youth participation in local governance and decision-making processes

40.3 % of the population of the country is Youth. Development is more of a political issue. Governance plays a pivotal role. Governance system can thus be strengthened through constitutional and erratic changes. Being a young country with the young population sharing the larger portion of the demographic dividend, heave of challenges persist in front of Nepal’s governance. With the voices of ethnic minorities rising, a fresh new challenge has popped up in Nepal`s Governance System. It has a long way to go to be inclusive, participatory and effective in addressing concerns of young people. Still a big gap prevails between stakeholders, including the state agencies, in their thinking and practices pertaining biasness against young people. Youths, even due to their large size of population, should generally be considered as key players of local governance but the reality is different.  Recognition of young people as such players provides a new dimension to local governance processes and structures and ensures good governance if internalized and reflected in practices by all concerned. Involvement of youths in decision-making processes of governance leads to better policy formulation, implementation and evaluation. Youth forums at national and sub-national levels could play decisive role in assisting development and political processes of governance, if trained and encouraged, in peaceful ways. Opportunities of having a larger proportion of young people, enthusiastic in involving in the nation-building process, could be materialized through their capacity building, bringing them together for collective initiatives and facilitating their zeal for internalizing and reflecting peaceful cooperation for the better future. The neglected and/or marginalized communities and groups of young people, including females, have to come forward and lead the process. This approach of governance could sustain the better results and open up avenues for a more peaceful, human rights promoting, democratic and forward looking system of governance in Nepal.