Sustainable Development Goals, formally discussed on UN conference on sustainable development underpins 17 mutually exclusive goals and 169 targets to achieve global development agenda. Earlier, MDG consultation did not incorporated the youth; however, youths were the ones who were most affected. Majority of development agenda for a decade and a half revolved around MDG. The review on MDG led to UN general assembly towards Sustainable development goals .The achievements made in the Millennium Development Goals indicated the dire need to incorporate youths in the SDG Youths exclusively participation on the attainment of SDGs. Discussion on SDG is contextual from place to place. The beauty of SDG execution is the participatory approach, with the opportunity for the young people from diverse milieus, participating in the discourse. Nepal, a land of uncertainties is striving towards its target to become a middle income nation by 2022 integrating the SDG framework. At YI we Inform, Involve and Empower the youths towards the achievement of broader development agenda of 2030.

Sensitization on daily livelihood can affect in attainment of SDG. The status quo of the youths involvement in development suggests, “Youths participate in Material Consumption or in Tokenism, however their involvement lacks in other level of spectrum of participation such as decision making or participation on consultation.”At YI we have realized the present moment as the “Moment of synergy”, with 1.8 million youths in the country. We believe meaningful participation of youth as key in attainment of SDG goals.

International Community, time and again highlights, 65 targets which refer for implicit and explicit participation of youth with focus on empowerment, participation and/or well-being.

Furthermore, 20 youth specific targets spread over 6 key goals of SDGs:
2, 4, 8, 10 and 13 highlights the need of the Involvement of youth led entity and individuals towards the goal attainment.