Youth Initiative completes INTEGRITY CLUB TRAINING

Youth Initiative (YI) organized Integrity Club Training from 4th – 6th November, 2016 in Pasa Yard, Kathmandu, supported by Integrity Action. Youth Initiative is currently working in Ten Government schools of Pipaldada, Irkhu, Sangachowk and Thulosiruwari VDCs of SindhupalchowkDistrict forIntegrity building in students and School system. Student Integrity Clubs were formed in each school; they will actively mobilize club members and other students through Integrity hub meeting, school café, school report card, co-curricular activities with constructive engagement for closing the loops.

In order to capacitate the Integrity club members, Integrity Club Training was deemed necessary. So, one student and one teacher from each school were invited in the training. In total 19 participants were present. During the training, sessions included Concept of Integrity, importance of Integrity in Education, Community Integrity Building with Role plays, School Report Card Orientation, Report writing, Minute writing, Stakeholders Mapping, Integrity club functioning mechanism, Risk Management, Photography and Videography session and Suggestion box were oriented.

The lead trainer of the program was Mr. Abdus Miya who also is the President of Youth Initiative. Other facilitators of the programs were, Treasurer of YI, Mr. Sajal Munankarmi, Program Coordinator Mr. Niraj Neupane and Project Associate Ms. Nikita Manandhar. Participants shared that they have learnt practical knowledge on how they can engage their Integrity Clubs for Integrity building personally and Education system as a whole.

A leading youth led NGO is an initiative by and for young people, focuses on working in the field of youth empowerment, strengthening of student and youth politics, promotion of civic engagement, democratization and human rights in Nepal Youth initiative to develop to their fullest potential and bring about positive change in the societies they live.

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